Hair Extentions


Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can give you confidence and have you feeling amazing. There are several things to consider when making the decision to enhance your hair with extensions.

In the best interests of our client’s hair care needs and value for money, we have undertaken extensive research into hair extensions. With this in mind, we have purchased and worked with many ranges of hair extensions and can advise there is a huge difference in quality and pricing.

We have several price points for hair extensions – mid-range to premium.

Our mid-range would suit those clients who would just like to experiment with hair extensions or require them for a shorter period of time. Our mid-range hair extensions, if well cared for, will last approximately 6 – 8 months.

Our deluxe hair extensions are high quality and with proper care will last up to twelve months.

We found cheaper hair extensions tend to tangle, matt and fall out, they don’t look real, and can damage your hair. The tape can be of a poorer quality, therefore will not last as long and the cheaper tape glue can also harm your natural hair.

Hair extensions need TLC

When considering extensions, it is important to be aware of the care instructions, as your care routine impacts the life span of the extensions.  Hair extensions require much more care than natural hair as they do not receive the nutrients and oils that are produced for our natural hair, and therefore can dry out easily.

Key points for hair extension care:

When washing hair use high-grade professional salon brand sulphate free shampoo on roots and use moisture conditioner mid length to ends only.
Use salon brand protein free heat protectant when styling hair
Never use products containing protein, keratin, and/or sulphates.
Concentrate shampoo on your natural hair only not the extensions.
Apply a deep treatment mask once per week.
Tie hair in a plait prior to sleeping.
Use recommended extension brush to keep your hair tangle free.
Return for maintenance on time to ensure no damage is caused to your natural hair (4 – 6 weeks).
For swimming, tie hair in a loose plait and rinse hair as soon as possible.
Hair extensions can be coloured but not bleached.