Russian 56cm/22in Full Head and Half Tape Hair Extensions (150g)

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100% Human Hair Premium Double Drawn Remy Extensions

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Russian 56cm / 22 inch tape hair extensions – full head and a half (150g) – for a more natural result.

Russian hair extensions are made using only the finest Remy Russian hair extensions to ensure optimum results. These tape extensions are available in a wide range of colours and are available with a perfect wavy texture that will suit a wide variety of hair types. They are easily straightened, and will hold a curl very well when heat styled which is a common problem with straight texture hair extensions. Whether the natural hair is straight, curly, or wavy these extensions are extremely adaptable and can fit to match almost any desired look and provide the highest degree of quality due to their being derived from the finest and softest grade hair available on the market. The Remy hair is derived from 100% stunning human hair so you are assured of natural looking results at affordable prices.

Price includes full application, style cut, curls or straighten.


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